Sell & pay 2.5% Commission (Not 4%) AFORDEL Investment

Buy & get up to 30% of our commission as Cashback Home Search

Sell My Home AFORDEL Luxury

Buyers get almost 40% money back with the Afordel Refund

When you buy with an BC Afordel Agent, we’ll give part of our commission, $4500 CAD on average, to you.*

A minimum Afordel commissions apply. See terms and conditions.

Sellers save almost 60% with our low 1% listing fee and keep thousands 

At a traditional brokerage, the total commission is typically 4.4% of the home’s selling price, and seller agent gets 3% and buyer gets 1.4%. Sellers pay the commission for agents on both sides of the deal. Buyers never pay agent commissions.

At Afordel the listing fee is just 1%, which lowers the total commission to 2.4%.*

See how much you could save with Afordel

 Sell with an Afordel and pay a 1% listing fee. Buy with an Afordel Agent and we’ll give part of our commission to you.  Either way, you’ll get an outstanding service and could save thousands

Adjust to match the value of your home
The savings above are only an estimate and vary when seller consider buyer agent’s commission. A minimum Afordel commissions apply. See terms and conditions.

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