Sell & pay 2.5% Commission (Not 4%) AFORDEL Investment

Buy & get up to 30% of our commission as Cashback Home Search

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Buyers get almost 40% money back with the Afordel Refund

When you buy with an BC Afordel Agent, we’ll give part of our commission, $4500 CAD on average, to you.*

A minimum Afordel commissions apply. See terms and conditions.

Sellers save almost 60% with our low 1% listing fee and keep thousands 

At a traditional brokerage, the total commission is typically 4.4% of the home’s selling price, and seller agent gets 3% and buyer gets 1.4%. Sellers pay the commission for agents on both sides of the deal. Buyers never pay agent commissions.

At Afordel the listing fee is just 1%, which lowers the total commission to 2.4%.*

See how much you could save with Afordel

 Sell with an Afordel and pay a 1% listing fee. Buy with an Afordel Agent and we’ll give part of our commission to you.  Either way, you’ll get an outstanding service and could save thousands

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The savings above are only an estimate and vary when seller consider buyer agent’s commission. A minimum Afordel commissions apply. See terms and conditions.

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